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...Beautiful golden rule dayz... Boys headed back to classes to-day. Very nice, Puttered about a bit the did some grocery shopping.

Stopped by Krazy Kat Fiber Haus & stitched for a while. Today is the EGA sponsored National Stitch in Public day". It was a nice visit and I had fun.

Picked up tired boys - they are pooped! Regular hours for Dominic, extra half hour for Matthew. He'll be fine, no matter what he says!
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Thought I would take a moment to rest today - still hot & sticky out there. Not to be. After breakfast hubby & I took MTD for a walk around Wright Park. Toward the end of our big loop, we encounter a young woman with a Border Collie - Malcolm The Dog was thrilled, shy, but thrilled. She (the other dog) was absolutely charming. Just shy of two years old and more white than black, just stunning. She and Malcolm would have made cute puppies, but alas - both are fixed. On we walked.

Got home, re-hydrated and headed out for some errands. Costco (jeans & fuel, that's all) PalDo world market to look at Asian pickle makers (no luck, mostly) and then to Duris Farms in Puyallp for pickling cucumbers. Boy, howdy, did we get some cukes. Enough to make 14 1/2 pints of the bread & butter goodness. I hope I can last the 2-3 weeks until the first jar is opened :)

Yep - lots of labour (washing, slicing, brining,etc) - but totally worth it!

Ask me at Harvest Feast, I may share some...


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