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Not really, but I sure can put up a good front. Yesterday was quite an industrious day for us. After a delightful breakfast of center cut bacon and buttermilk apple pie pancakes (and the newspaper reading), we set to work. For me, it was run four loads of laundry through the washer & dryer, vacuum and mop downstairs, CLEAN the litter box & litter box cover then wash the dog.

For Hunny, it was some vehicle maintenance then rebuild half a garden box. Not so bad, you say... he had to replace the BOTTOM level of boards. This involved moving all the dirt in the 4' X12' bed into the middle and pulling away the bottom boards, one at a time. Even though they were cedar, they'd been in place for six years and were decaying. Now they are shiny and new! HOORAY!! As a side benefit, all the dirt got turned in the bed, turning under the winter vetch.

After all the was done, together we tackled the back room. We re-arranged our pantry & storage shelves a bit and added some new space, clearing quite a bit of space from crap treasures that were stashed willy-nilly. I now have probably double the shelving available and stuffed that was packed in a bit too tightly has room to breathe. I, also, have room to breathe. I can see the top of my craft table!!

Today, it is waiting on the various Sears tech to visit and do maintenance on our appliances. Warranties run out next month, so better get all those little things covered whilst we're covered.

After all that is done, I will venture out for a few errands. JoAnn's is having a sale & I need a few things...


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