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It's late & I am tired. Stayed up and watched New Amsterdam (FOX) & then Eli Stone(ABC). Should have gone to bed, but vegging is good, too. Both interesting and entertaining. I'd recommend both.

Dominic's adventure to Sushi Revolution ( was quite an art show. The food was fresh, reasonably priced and *pretty*. Very nice presentations. Got a 16 yr old stuffed on everything from ahi tuna to giant clam to squid. Matthew didn't even freak out. He enjoyed watching it all go by, while searching for the elusive gyoza. He even flirted a server into bringing him several plates worth!  I managed a few plates of the artfully done goodies myself. We got out of there for under $60, including tip.

Then it was home to have cake. Mud Pie cake, to be precise. Delicious... Sorry, J, it had ice cream made with the "evil bean".
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Mud Cake for starters... I guess it's okay to have coffee ice cream in a cake if they don't have school tomorrow, right? So far it's a lovely creation. In a few moments, I'll be off to The Bead Factory to get a gift certificate for the boy. The lampwork class may not have any openings just yet, but  at least he'll be ready when they do.

Dominic wants to go to Sushi Revolution for dinner. Matthew is skeptical as to whether or not he'll find something to eat. He won't starve!


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