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fittzwm ([personal profile] fittzwm) wrote2017-05-10 04:10 pm

circle of life

After prolonged illness, my father-in-law slipped this mortal coil Monday morning. In all honesty, I am surprised he hung on this long. He may have done so for the sake of my mother-in-law. Her memory is pretty much gone. As is her hearing. FIL have been wheelchair bound for a while now. He'd fall and be unable to get up. He'd call out to MIL for help. If she actually heard him, unlikely as it is, she'd forget what she'd doing as soon as she stood up. He would lay on the floor for hours. I know they were raised in a different time. MIL has long term care insurance, which will soon be enacted. My FIL's long term care plan was his wife would care for him. She is 17 years younger, but cannot care for herself. When she was told her husband had passed, she was momentarily confused, then stated she had to go back to work so she 'could take care of things'. She's been retired for 10-ish years. Dan will be headed to Phoenix Friday morning for the service. They boys and I will not be going. I feel a little guilty that I don't feel guilty. Stupid, I know. Dan, nor any of his brothers, were particularly close with their father. Again, a different mind-set. Mother is the nurturer, father the provider. end of story. I hope my father-in-law has found peace and comfort in death that he could not in life.