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If you or Little Junior are sick and/or contagious, PLEASE STAY HOME. I am not assured by your assumptions that just because your nurse/midwife/witch doctor/the internet said you / Little Junior are okay as long as you are not oozing pus/coughing/speaking in tongues. Whatever ailment you or your child has, I DON"T WANT IT!!! There is no social occassion so important as to contaminate everyone in your general area with whatever virus or infection you have. Believe me, we won't think less of you for staying home. Quite the contrary.

You know who you are...
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I have frequently referred to my neighbour across the street as "Hillbilly Bob". In case anyone thinks that is mean, I have photos to prove otherwise...  This appears to be a 70's era mod fireplace (meant for indoor use) that he salvaged from someplace. I am not sure I want to know. Imagine it painted white or lime green and in Austin Powers' shagalicious love nest... (eewwwww)

In photo #1, he had just added several handsful of God-knows-what garbage. Photo #2, nice and smoky now - going for more trash.. Photo #3, mmmm, putrid.

I am now physically ill from the fumes. What an asshole.
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in a word, it stinks. I just came home from our local mall with a screaming migraine. But before I could take anything for it, I had to vomit first. (Sorry, not a pretty picture) The cause - perfume. Not just a gentle wafting, but a pure physical assault. No fewer than six stores had a hazmat zone 25 feet outside their entrance. Coughing, wheezing, migraine-inducing stench-cloud. I know it wasn't just me; quite a few people were coughing or rubbing their eyes after they passed these shops. I even tried to walk down the center of the mall to avoid this, but to no avail. Worst offenders? 
*  Abercrombie 
*  Nordstrom 
*  Hot Topic 
*  Aeropastale 
*  American Eagle 
*  Hollister
*  various center-mall kiosks feature 'special beauty care' items 

One more perfume whench comes at with a bottle - "free sample?" - I'm gonna punch her in self-defense.


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