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Why, oh why do I do this to myself? I, like so many others, am making something new for 12th Night. Stepping a tiny bit out side of my comfort zone and making something I have never before attempted. So far, I seem to have most of my wits left. Also making a doublet for The Biscuit...

I have to be done in a week...

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Yesterday we traveled down to Stromgard for their founding revel. Was a lovely day for a tournament, even if it was  2+ hour drive. I was able to stitch in the sunshine and watch mt hunny fight. At least until the wind picked up and drove me inside. I di feel a bit isolated, as I know practically no one down there. Her Grace Miranda spent a little time with me, which I really appreciate, but when the shy side of me kicks in, I kind of clam up.

Yes, I am shy around people I do not know. After spending the large portion of my youth moving from place to place, I quit trying to form new  friendships easily. It sucks, but that is life.

We did not stay for the feast, though the aromas wafting forth from the kitchen were delightful. We stopped at Spiffy's, which is at the I5/HWY 12 turn-ff. Tasty and plentiful. By the time we got home and unloaded the truck, it was 7pm. I think we were in bed by 8:30! I was tuckered out!!
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This weekend was the Culinary Symposium. I had an incredible time. Made lots of delicious food. Had amazing company and conversations. Ate SO much good food. Was entertained greatly. More details later, perhaps. But not now - I must shower!
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I finished embellishing the chair made for my by Alisdair. The chair itself is beyond lovely, so I wanted to make sure it was easily identified as mine. The embellishment is carved onto the seat and the whole chair is sealed with Australian timer oil, which brings out the grain beautifully. 


Darling Dear wore the DAMbeson to fight practice yesterday. As a result, I have costructive criticism to alter the garment so it's even better. I should have that done this afternoon. Just need to take about three inches off the bottom & make the front and back slits 3" higher. YAY for pre-folded bias tape!
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Item on my 'to-do' list, that is!  The DAMbeson is done and Best Beloved is thrilled with it. It has already been through the wash and fared perfectly. Next test before Ursalmas is fight practice next week. How comfortable is it? How did the hand-stitched seams hold up? I did use four strands of sewing thread which I ran through beeswax. I am confident it will pass muster.

gambeson - front viewside panel

The second photo shows the side panel, which came to a point, in place of a gusset. BB said the range of motion felt good. The pattern is based off 10th century Byzantine accounts. The quilting was done vertically at 5cm intervals.

Next to finish, the tourney placard for lists.
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Several more to go.

I made 20 of these little sewing kits for the Estrella largess.

Estrella Largess 2011

Almost done with the DAMbeson. Pictures of it are up next, hopefully!
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Or at least flinch a bit. Last weekend was 12th Night. For some reason, I thought it was nest weekend.  (As a result, my project timetable was rather skewed.) What brought this startling revelation to light was my Pelican calling Thursday evening to ask about details for the pick-up of my auction items.Gruesome details behind the cut )Not too bad, really. I have dealt with worse. Ask me about my shirt from CoCo...

Kingdom A&S

Mar. 8th, 2010 08:20 pm
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Everyone alse has pretty much covered the gamut. Lots of amazing things to be seen. I felt very privileged to be in the same room as such gifted artisans. Humbled.

Judging was a positive experience - no where near as horrifying as I though it would be. I was more verbose than usual this weekend & I blame it all on nerves. And excitement. And not enough caffeine (If I had had more, things would have gotten quite scary). I really enjoyed geeking out over the beautifully things and the willingness of their creators to share. There is no way I will remember all the names of all the people to whom I was introduced.

On the drive home Saturday evening, it was apparent how much anxiety and tension I had been holding - my entire body ached as I finally began to relax on the way home. GADZOOKS!


Mar. 3rd, 2010 05:10 pm
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The first cuff is done. Many lessons learned, but that's the point, right? I whine about them in my flickr posting... 
finished cuff by you.

  ETA my whines:
I learned quite a few things whilst working on this project. 
1. gold threads are fickle
2. with stranded silk, hand exfoliation and beeswax are your friend
3. what the hell was I thinking?!!
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So I attended my first Monroe horse arena Ursalmas. (really.) I don't get out much. I actually had a decent time, in spite of the drafty, dusty, cold arena. I had proof of how dusty this morning.

Don't look unless you're inner 7 year old says 'okay' )
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Fight practice last night was HUGE! Great blow-out for the last practice of the year. Practice will start again after 12th Night.

People came from as far as Portland, OR. They were a couple of hours late for the tourney, but, still, they came. We left a little before 9pm & they were still going at it. We went to the Harmon & joined @krazyfiberkat, @abrahe & The Turnip for food & conversation. No one else showed at the Harmon. They were still fighting at 10 pm!! I didn't get home until after 10:30 - late for me!!!

Everyone have a safe & happy Thanksgiving.


Nov. 16th, 2008 07:05 pm
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Got back late morning from the culinary symposium. What a beautiful site! REMOTE, but lovely. There were quite a few times on the drive there I was *sure* I was lost...

It was a nicely run event - good food, good company and great knowledge. I even got extra knowledge outside of class on mycology. Yep, mushrooms. On a break from the cheese class, I ventured forth with M. Guiseppe and gathered good fungus. Saw bad ones, too and horrible thoughts of what they do to your body. Ewww - "don't eat that one, it'll liquefy your liver." Also learned that the Romans imported more than a few mushrooms.... Sauted a bunch of chantrelles in butter and hazelnut oil this evening. Yum! Thanks, Guiseppe!!! 

To all those who could not attend, you missed something really fun. (I will share note, if you like) To all those who were there, I enjoyed your company and bask in your foodie joy!
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Just got back from daytripping September Crown. Went to the seneschals' meeting and met some really great people and got good info. I feel a little more confident in the position now.

I feel like *such* a social butterfly. I went to North Bend by myself. It was a very lovely drive - good weather, light traffic, easy directions. (The drive home was equally nice.) Other than the meeting, I had no agenda. I made myself step out my shy little bubble and be social. It was fun! I had many lovely visits with many lovely people. Received lots of encouragement on all venues. All in all, a very uplifting day. Thanks to everyone :)

Raphaella, I want that pork/orange/caper recipe - mmm mmm good!


Aug. 29th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Do everyone, just about, has already headed up to September Crown. I am not going until tomorrow morning. Alone. Daytrip. The main reason I am going is for the seneschals' meeting. I really need to tap this network more. I can also visit with friends and do a little "shopping". I will have to bring my own water, but at least there are a few food merchants. Sadly, I will miss court. It is on Sunday & I am not making that drive twice. I hear rumour of fun happenings...Something having to do with a baronial presentation & a sort of "dare". Hopefully there will be photos. Last time something like this went on, it involved whipped cream & topless barons...
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We got home yesterday evening about 5:30 from Autumn War. Wow - what an event. There were some nay-sayers about having the event about a month earlier than the last few years. That it overlapped the last weekend of Pennsic. That it was right in the middle of the Gig Harbor Renn Faire. After what I saw & experienced this week, I say those are moot points.

Huzzah to Blatha an Oir for accumulating the most war points due to the group effort of her noble populace. Huzzah to The Honorable Barony of Stromgard for their participation, giving us a serious run for the money and making the event ROCK!

We had a couple of token sprinkles, but everything was nice & dry for pack out. A few incidents... (Sorry, gwalchgwyn, about the "mugging" - I still have guilt)

Good friends. Good food. Great memories.

Thanks, all y'all.

Now for more laundry...


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