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from [ profile] gwen_the_potter. An interesting opportunity for introspection. :)

Take the following list, and: Bold items you have, and use at least once a year. Italicize the ones you have, but don't use. Strike through the ones you had, but have gotten rid of. I am supposing plain type means 'don't have now or ever'.

pasta machines, breadmakers, juicers (mine is manual), blenders, deep fat fryers (sorta one with the crock-pot), egg boilers, melon ballers, sandwich makers, pastry brushes, cheese knives, electric woks, miniature salad spinners, griddle pans, jam funnels (canning funnel?), meat thermometers, filleting knives, egg poachers, cake stands, garlic crushers, martini glasses, tea strainers, bamboo steamers, pizza stones, coffee grinders, milk frothers, piping bags, banana stands, fluted pastry wheels, tagine dishes, conical strainers, rice cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, spaetzle makers, cookie presses, gravy strainers, double boilers (bains marie), sukiyaki stoves, food processors, ice cream makers, takoyaki makers, and fondue sets
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1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up:
a. Octavius on a squirrel 
b. pearl strand 
c.  watercolours of classic Tacoma by Anne DeMille-Flood 
d.  The Lisle Letter, Abridged 
e.  Nightmare Before Christmas pencil cup 

2. How do you style your hair? With all these curls, very little. They have a will of their own and protest mightily when I try to change it.

3. What are you wearing now?
riding boots, cord skirt, eclectic sweater, t-shirt & coin necklace featuring a coin from Bhutan

4. What's your occupation? 
Administrative Aide & mom 

5. What do you hear right now? 
traffic, chirping birds, dog sighs & purring cat 

6. Who was the last person you hugged? 
The Biscuit 

7. What is/was for dinner? 
chicken tacos 

8. What did you do today? 
worked, put out fires. Will soon be making dinner then sewing a skirt I cut yesterday. 

9. Dog person or cat person?
Yes, 1 dog and 2 cats.

10. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
I'm good now. I have never felt as though my first name fit me. I started using my middle name after highschool (ditching a ghastly family nickname) and haven't looked back.

11. What was the last thing that you bought?
soda & blueberries 

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

13. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Probably in pretty much the same place. Eldest will most likely have moved out and on. I am content.

14. Where's your birthmark?
Right calf

15. What are you doing this weekend?
going to see the Star Wars geek-fest at the Pacific Science Center.

16. What is the best flavor of Jello?

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Leave a comment saying ":D" and:
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

These from [ profile] krazyfiberkat :

1. If you had unlimited funds, what would you do?  As usual, keepin' it brief )
2. Why did you join the Army? flag waving )

3. If you could change anything in your life, and not affect the good things, what would it be? introspective bits )
4. What is your favorite vice? So many vices... I love game shows! Maybe that's a 'dirty secret' and not a 'vice'.

5. Where would you like to visit that you haven't been before? LONG list )

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Leave a comment saying ":D" and:
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Questions [ profile] dame_eleanor :

1) If you had not chosen the military as a career, then what?  answer behind the cut )

2) Describe your persona's life.  this one, too )

3) What is your main area of A&S interest and what goals do you set for yourself? this, as well. )

4) You seem to be so very level-headed and strong. Which was harder, starting in the military, or re-entering civvie life?
yep, you guessed it )

5) If you could have anything on the menu, no matter the cost, where would the restaurant be, and what would you order?
 last cut )
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I say "sorta" because I have been busy. Really.

I will spare the details... )

For those not brave enough to peek behind the cut, I bring you the Kitteh of DDOOOOOMMMMM! 
funny pictures of cats with captions


Feb. 5th, 2010 07:20 am
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What was the #1 song the day you were born? Google the date and #1 song and then post your #1 song on your LJ - preferably with a Youtube vid if you can find one!

"Mrs Brown You've got a Lovely Daughter" by Herman's Hermits  was the number one song 14 May 1965.



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I have thought on this one... I had once been compared to the Vorpal Rabbit in that infamous movie. Aw, such a cute little thing...WAIT - nasty, gnashing teeth... I may seem quiet to those who do not know me, but I can be rather fierce.
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Snerked from many:

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Don't want to bog down your browser )Read more... )
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but fun anyways...
another bleeping meme... )

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Three word summation:

yet another meme )

bah bah bah

Sep. 1st, 2009 10:32 pm
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I will spare you all, I hope...

because I can't get the manual cut to work... )

not so bad
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following the flock
more meme-age )snerked from many others )
3. Other Mom - Thanks, Dylan...

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
1.Cocktail waitress & bartender
2. Intelligence Analyst
3. Thread pusher

Three Places I have lived:
1. New Hampshire
2. Bavaria
3. Kingsdown-Near-Deal, UK

Three Favorite drinks:
1. Cherry Fresca
2. coffee
3. tart lemonade

Three TV Shows I watch:
1. Eureka
2. CSI
3. Fringe

Three places I have been:
1. Monaco
2. Prince Edward Island
3. Bosnia-Herzegovina
Three of my favorite foods:
1. blueberries & watermelon
2. Thai soup
3. fresh veggies from my garden

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Mid-December when my husband returns
2. Spring Break in Orlando
3.  Back to school

Three Favorite Colors
1. deep green
2. cobalt blue
3. true, Crayon box red

Three movies I watch over and over
1. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
2. Mummy series
3. Pixar movies

Three Bad Habits
1. Swearing
2. impulsiveness
3. over-eating

Three things I HATE doing
1. laundry
2. cleaning the bathroom
3. cleaning the cat box, but I hate the "yes, I have two cats" smell even more

Three things I LOVE to do
1. baking
2. playing with food
3. making things
snerked from many others )

Did you really want to know that much about me?

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You Are a White Tiger
You have a strong individualistic streak. You are unique and outspoken.
You have firm ideas of right and wrong. You will stand up for your unpopular beliefs with pride.

You believe that learning the truth is important. Even if it's ugly, uncomfortable, or awkward.
You give it to people straight, and you expect them to do the same. You can't stand ambiguity of any kind.
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Considering my first years were spent in New England, traveling freely back & forth 'twixt the borders. Timbits & Munchkins (Tim Horton's/Dunkin' Donuts) still make my heart sing...

You Speak Canadian Slang
Canadian Slang: 100%

New England Slang: 100%

Aussie Slang: 75%

British Slang: 75%

Victorian Slang: 75%

Prison Slang: 50%
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What does this mean???

I am:
an Ibico® KomboTM lever-operated punch for making a row of rectangular holes in a stack of paper and fitting a plastic "comb" binding into them
If you haven't seen one in use, you'd probably have no idea what it is.

Which office supply are you?

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Your Animal is the Bee
You are a very social and cooperative person. You thrive in a crowd.
You are charismatic and engaging. You are good at organizing and leading a group.

You are a spontaneous, busy person. You love leading an active life.
You find that communication comes naturally to you. You are are able to express yourself without frustration.
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You Are An INFJ
The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener with almost infinite patience.
You have complex feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.
You enjoy relationships when they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.

At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.
You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable
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At least it's not a carrot cake...

You Are a Vanilla Cupcake
You are very sweet and mellow. You are easy going and easy to like.
You are drawn to those stronger personalities. You get along with powerful people.

You are like a cupcake because you appeal to almost every type of person.
You are friendly and accepting. You bring out other people's best qualities.


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