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Just got back from daytripping September Crown. Went to the seneschals' meeting and met some really great people and got good info. I feel a little more confident in the position now.

I feel like *such* a social butterfly. I went to North Bend by myself. It was a very lovely drive - good weather, light traffic, easy directions. (The drive home was equally nice.) Other than the meeting, I had no agenda. I made myself step out my shy little bubble and be social. It was fun! I had many lovely visits with many lovely people. Received lots of encouragement on all venues. All in all, a very uplifting day. Thanks to everyone :)

Raphaella, I want that pork/orange/caper recipe - mmm mmm good!


Aug. 29th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Do everyone, just about, has already headed up to September Crown. I am not going until tomorrow morning. Alone. Daytrip. The main reason I am going is for the seneschals' meeting. I really need to tap this network more. I can also visit with friends and do a little "shopping". I will have to bring my own water, but at least there are a few food merchants. Sadly, I will miss court. It is on Sunday & I am not making that drive twice. I hear rumour of fun happenings...Something having to do with a baronial presentation & a sort of "dare". Hopefully there will be photos. Last time something like this went on, it involved whipped cream & topless barons...


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