Sep. 23rd, 2009 10:56 am
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15 pints of salsa from my garden veggies. This batch is a little zestier than the last. I guess the peppers are maturing nicely!

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So we were quite productive. Ten pints of meat at about 13 ounces apiece. Easier than making pickles, just more technical equipment.  
How this:

Became this:

Caution - image-heavy crap back there... )
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The domestic trenches, that is. These are at least cleaner and cheerier, and if I can do it  right, I can have company!

Today, in a few hours, I am hosting a demonstration on pressure canning meat. I don't know the overall level of experience of some of the folks coming, but most have at least does preserved fruit and/or pickles. I doubt I'll have to explain what a canning jar is!

There will be another post later, hopefully with photos.
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Well, I had a productive day yesterday. Aside form doing a few loads of laundry, which still needs to be folded, I went into domestic overdrive. I prepped a box for mailing to my husband (including baking oatmeal scotchies), harvested goodies form my garden, and finishing a batch of bread and butter zucchini spears for the pantry. I got eight lovely pints out of my harvest.

Tomatoes will be coming in huge waves soon, so that means more canning & salsa making. Today, I will be making some golden salsa from the Lemon Boy tomatoes I harvested
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or actually longer. Seems like I haven't stopped long enough to make a 'real' entry in this here LJ. meme's mostly...

Last week, our baronial trailer was stolen. Empty, thanks to my husband & son unloading it at the storage locker after Autumn War. I have no current paperwork on it, or anything else, for that matter. Just stuff I have generated/created since taking this seneschal office. Oh, crap - time for quarterly report...

Our vegetable garden is having one last surge before dying. We have canned & pickled ad nauseum. It's a pain in the ass now, but I will be thankful in the middle of winter for things we grew here at home. I am really stunned at the amount of people I know who are mystified by the food preserving concept and process. It's neither scary nor difficult. So much food goes to waste.

We splurged and went to Cabela's on Saturday. It's such a fun store - like the other side of the social coin from IKEA. Want a good laugh, go people-watch at Cabela's one day, then IKEA the next. See how many opposites you can find...
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Our garden didn't merely explode, it went supernova. We made fresh salsa about mid-week. (didn't last the day - boys devoured it!) This afternoon, we pressure-canned seven quarts of peeled, whole-ish tomatoes. With dinner, we'll grill more veggies from the garden. I am a domestic goddess!!
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After weeding and trimming my garden beds, I picked more tomatoes. And peppers. And zucchini. And cucumbers. I *LOVE* having fresh goodness still warm from the sun. Many more green tomatoes still out there. Hubby & I will be canning salsa in a bit. I'll put up some photos of the bounty later.
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Thought I would take a moment to rest today - still hot & sticky out there. Not to be. After breakfast hubby & I took MTD for a walk around Wright Park. Toward the end of our big loop, we encounter a young woman with a Border Collie - Malcolm The Dog was thrilled, shy, but thrilled. She (the other dog) was absolutely charming. Just shy of two years old and more white than black, just stunning. She and Malcolm would have made cute puppies, but alas - both are fixed. On we walked.

Got home, re-hydrated and headed out for some errands. Costco (jeans & fuel, that's all) PalDo world market to look at Asian pickle makers (no luck, mostly) and then to Duris Farms in Puyallp for pickling cucumbers. Boy, howdy, did we get some cukes. Enough to make 14 1/2 pints of the bread & butter goodness. I hope I can last the 2-3 weeks until the first jar is opened :)

Yep - lots of labour (washing, slicing, brining,etc) - but totally worth it!

Ask me at Harvest Feast, I may share some...


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