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Item on my 'to-do' list, that is!  The DAMbeson is done and Best Beloved is thrilled with it. It has already been through the wash and fared perfectly. Next test before Ursalmas is fight practice next week. How comfortable is it? How did the hand-stitched seams hold up? I did use four strands of sewing thread which I ran through beeswax. I am confident it will pass muster.

gambeson - front viewside panel

The second photo shows the side panel, which came to a point, in place of a gusset. BB said the range of motion felt good. The pattern is based off 10th century Byzantine accounts. The quilting was done vertically at 5cm intervals.

Next to finish, the tourney placard for lists.
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Now that I have this lovely belt hanger, I need to hang something from it. I have visions of a smallish embroidered purse. I am looking at examples from the mid-15th century. I have many ideas... narrowing it down will be tough, but I think I am close. I saw a lovely pomegranite motif on the BFA (Boston Museum of Fine Arts) from about that time. I think I'll work it in a combination of silk & manybe a tad of wool on linen. I have seen two methodsd for the side seam finishing - card woven trim (also forming a strap) & decorative threadwork. The decorative threadwork has the look of a braided trim. It, too, often forms a strap. 

Next step is to actually draw the picture on my linen, choose colours and fibres and get my butt in gear. Not much...

Nels is gathering stuff for fight practice. Weather is fine, so there should be a good turn-out.


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