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I can't believe I won overall highest score for my linen shirt. There were so many amazing entries & my humble shirt. WOW.
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Or at least flinch a bit. Last weekend was 12th Night. For some reason, I thought it was nest weekend.  (As a result, my project timetable was rather skewed.) What brought this startling revelation to light was my Pelican calling Thursday evening to ask about details for the pick-up of my auction items.Gruesome details behind the cut )Not too bad, really. I have dealt with worse. Ask me about my shirt from CoCo...

Kingdom A&S

Mar. 8th, 2010 08:20 pm
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Everyone alse has pretty much covered the gamut. Lots of amazing things to be seen. I felt very privileged to be in the same room as such gifted artisans. Humbled.

Judging was a positive experience - no where near as horrifying as I though it would be. I was more verbose than usual this weekend & I blame it all on nerves. And excitement. And not enough caffeine (If I had had more, things would have gotten quite scary). I really enjoyed geeking out over the beautifully things and the willingness of their creators to share. There is no way I will remember all the names of all the people to whom I was introduced.

On the drive home Saturday evening, it was apparent how much anxiety and tension I had been holding - my entire body ached as I finally began to relax on the way home. GADZOOKS!
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Good thing the US scored some awesome gold today. Davis in the 1000m short track, White on the half pipe & Vonn on the down hill. I need that golden inspiration, given that I have started to put down the gold oulines around my motifs. Not quite how I thought it would go, but it's doing okay.   Trickiest two parts and deciding where to begin and end eas thread and to get the teensy points of metal to come together.
gold workgold 

I have down more of the gold, but still have a ton to do.
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Well, I've got the pattern drawn on my silk, the fabric mounted in the slate frame, threads chosen. Now I just have to start stitching the damned thing. Pictures will be posted later.


Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:50 pm
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What a busy last week and a half. Two weekends, back-to-back, out at Randle. The week in between was spent doing laundry, trying to remember the things we forgat the first weekend, and forgetting a completely different list of crap the second one. At least no one forgot underpant the second weekend... FYI, Morton "doesn't sell clothes", according to the clerk at the IGA. Further FYI, the sporting goods/outdoor/garden store has a *very* limited supply.

Both weekends were very fun. Enjoyed spending time with friends, making new ones, and being introduced to a few amazing people I have admired from afar.

We have new baronial champions, all very deserving. Single-entry arts and sciences was cool. I am always blown away by the talent that abounds in our populace. It isn't just isolated to those who are "artsy". Our guys & heavies are quite talented! Cool feast box, Sir Gernon. Awesomely beautiful and well-documented leather bag-belt ensemble, Lord Abrahe. My embroidery was Baroness'e choice! With everything else out there, I was truly surprised.

Today, I have spent doing laundry. Lots. Of. Laundry. Sleeping bags. Garb. And yes, underpants.


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