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So I went to my first ever Estrella War. I'll sum it briefly:

The Good:
  1. It was sunny every day and did not rain.
  2. I got to hand over my kingdom largesse in person, as well as a gift for Her Majesty. Both were well received.
  3. Had very little personal obligations during the event and could do as I pleased, mostly.
  4. The Biscuit was mostly well-behaved; always with everyone else in the encampment. Even received a compliment on what a gentleman he was.
  5. The trip to Phoenix went without a hitch.
  6. Visited with Husband's family Friday evening in Mesa.

The Bad:
  1. Three quarters of my husband's driving companions bailed; two with very good reason, the third to probable spousal pressure.
  2. I knew practically no one there. My husband seems to forget how few people I know and did not introduce me to anyone. Spent a large portion of the event feeling quite on the outside of everything.
  3. I heard much muttering about how low the turn-out was. Merchants' Row had slightly more than half the merchants they had last year. Being the week after Gulf Wars was probably a big factor. ETA: last year there were 89 merchants, not including food (12); this year there were 61 merchants & 8 food vendors.
  4. It was freakin' hot! At least 85F every day. Sure, there was a slight breaaze, but it functioned much like the fan in a convection oven, ensuring it was hot everywhere.
  5. My in-laws visited the event on Saturday. Husband was on warfield most of the day, therefore I was expected to play host. Couldn't introduce them around camp, as I knew pretty much no one. My FIL really drives me batty... Him playing with his dentures during lunch was repulsive priceless.
  6. Slept on the ground for three nights.
The Ugly:
  1. Truck threw out a heliocoil as my husband was going to park it after unloading. Picked him up Thursday on my way in. Thank goodness for AAA. Expensive repair...
  2. Did I mentioned how fucking hot it was?
  3. Trip home was beyond awful. Sure, I got home, but only after five delays and being stuck in Sacramento for an extra 90 minutes. That completely threw off the plan of taking Sound Transit home, at least without a very long wait. Dealt with petulant Eldest and his reluctance to fetch us at SeaTac. (Hello... how many times did I drag him & his girlfriend all over Puget Sound?) Once we were on the flight, had screaming children in quadraphonic sound. Gads.
  4. Came home to a trashed house only marginally picked up. Eldest claims the DOG broke the TV... Yes, the new 47" plasma TV is now garbage. There is a possibility of truth, but I am skeptical. Can a tennis ball tossed by a dog break a plasma TV? ETA: This doubt in the veracity of Eldest's statement is based solely on the massive damage he has done to the walls and doors in his room, not to mention the number of holes he has slammed into walls in other parts of the house. I speculate he brought his game system down to the big TV and threw the controller in a losing/frustrating moment.

I am glad to be home. I will try to focus on the positive aspects of the trip.

Now to prepare for NorWesCon...

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